Vladimir Vasilev

Vladimir Vasilev was born in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. He began photography at the age of 15, while studying civil engineering. In 1998, he decided to devote his life to photography, and left his country three years later to join France. His strong and intense images, like those of an Eisenstein film, do nothing to hide his origins: Vladimir Vasilev is Slavic until the end of his objective. His work is particularly selected for the Roger Pic Prize with an exhibition at the SCAM in 2010 and then in 2017, he is also part of the jury selection for the 2013 edition of Circulations. He received the special mention of the jury of the Grand Prix de La Samaritaine in 2013. Vladimir Vasilev is a finalist for the New East Photo Prize and exhibits at the Calvert 22 Foundation in London and in St Petersburg at the Rosphoto Museum. It is also part of the La France vue d'ici project founded by the Images Singulières festival and in partnership with Mediapart. He is currently in residence for a period of four years as part of the construction and restoration of the department stores of La Samaritaine, whose artistic director is Christian Caujolle.