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In his long-term project Vladimir Vasilev tells stories about Bulgaria. Some are about his close friends, others are about complete strangers.

Photo Essay about Bulgaria Bizarre Images of Bulgarian Reality

A religious believer researching on laser swords, a fakir training with nail boards in his living room, a former police officer dressing up stuffed animals – with his work, "T(h)races", Bulgarian photographer Vladimir Vasilev creates a bizarre and at the same time loving portrait of his homeland. We talked to him about his long-term project and asked him about the stories behind his photographs.

Commemoration of Viktoria Marinova the day after her violent death. / Source:

Interview Atanas Tchobanov on Marinova case: “I don’t trust their version”

One month has passed, and the violent death of Bulgarian TV host and journalist Viktoria Marinova has largely disappeared from international headlines. Bulgarian authorities arrested an alleged perpetrator and claimed that it was a random case of sexual assault, unconnected to her journalistic work. But veteran investigative journalist Atanas Tchobanov doesn’t trust their story.

The family of the detained Emil Dzhemadinov from Simferopol. His wife Liana, sons Yunus and Yusuf, and newborn daughter Asya. / Foto: Alina Smutko

Political Prisoners in Crimea A look at the detention of Crimean Tatars by the numbers

Many Crimeans have been detained and charged with political crimes after Russia's annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula. The majority are Crimean Tatars, an ethnic group that largely offered resistance to the Russian occupation. In cooperation with our Ukrainian partner Hromadske we researched the figures and show the situation of concerned Crimean Tatar families.

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